Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revise, rewrite, rewind.

When I blog I am writing my emotions and heart. I was asked why I don’t blog more- is it because I don’t have anything to say or because I am afraid people won’t like what I have to say?

I will be honest some days it is the latter.

When I blog I write, fast and furious. When I am done writing I post it. I don’t reread, revise or edit it. After it has been posted for a few days I may go back and correct some glaring spelling or grammar mistakes. But, if I were to do that when I write it I would edit everything out. I want my blogs to be honest and raw. I second-guess myself a lot and I don’t want rereading in the heat of emotion to change my words.

Yes, some people think I should write, wait a few days, and then post. I have been doing that some and guess what? None of those blogs get posted! I am afraid of judgment. So, for me, its best to write, post and then reread later.

So, if you see a lot of errors know that is why. I didn’t proof read.

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