Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Husband

Let me tell you about my husband. He is an amazing man. He has to go through so much in his life, so many heartaches and pain. It is not my place to put it out there but let’s just say we both survived “the system”
I find myself in a familiar place as I did when I was adopted: cooking, cleaning, errands, organizing etc. 

Except, this time I do it because I WANT too not because I HAVE to. A lot of people in our lives joke about how spoiled he is, but in all honesty I like taking care of him, it is one of the things I do that I hope shows my love for him in my actions, not just my words.

He has had so many struggles in his military career. He has had to fight for things that others were just handed. 
He is the type of man that believes his work should speak the loudest above all else. He puts dedication and time into his job. He succeeds at being the best, such as Honor Graduate of EOD School. He never gives up, even when people target him unfairly, he just pushes ahead and does everything he can do to prove them wrong. When popularity outweighs skills, and personality outweighs intelligence, when wrong thrives over right, he still trucks on. He does what is right consistently, even when it is not always popular.

He supports our family by working hard. He fixes things that I have no idea how to, he is strong in my weaknesses. He is creative and caring.

He loves children and children adore him. They flock to him. He is playful, kindhearted and funny.

He is patient with me, all my insecurities. He knows how I feel and yet he constantly tells me how much he loves me, and tells me no matter how much I push he will hold onto me tighter. He holds me during the few times I allow myself to cry in front of him.

We have so much fun together. We laugh, we play, we explore.

More importantly, we are friends and tell each other everything. We love talking to each other and it makes our day.

I haven’t been blessed much in this life, but I was blessed with a perfect match. 

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