Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be appreciative of what you do have before it is too late.

Call your parents and say thank you. Thank you for the love and support. Not all of us get that.

Please take a look at this one.
Denny lost his wife and baby girl so fast. He is left to raise his three other children without her by his side. Their family has been a tremendous help during the process. The blog will leave you broken hearted. His spirit and strength is amazing through the trials. If only all of us could be as strong when faced with challenges.

Sometimes it is good to see things in a different perspective. While he has something I have wanted my entire life: an extended family, parents, children, a support net, he has had a tremendous loss in something I have: a spouse.

We all go through trials, like I said in my pain blog, we all feel them differently and experience them differently. His strength is amazing and I hope that others feel like saying I love you to their spouses tonight, fixing any issues/problems they are having and hold on tight, you never know when its the last time you may see them.

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