Friday, February 4, 2011

Post 44- Friday Night Fun

Today was so much fun. The morning started with hanging out with my Amandas, Heather and the kiddos. I made a pot of homemade chilli and some homemade banana bread pudding. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself. I love watching the kiddos run around. The boys were playing sort of a ring around the rosie type game, without holding hands, and theyd both just fall to the ground and giggle. So sweet. Hearing the kids laughter always makes me feel good.

Later that afternoon Melissa, Amanda and I made impromptu plans. We went out to dinner at the Japanese hibachi grill that we had gone to the day the guys deployed to Afghanistan. It was really yummy. I had a new alcoholic drink, cant remember what it was called, but it was plum wine and sprite. Really delicious but didn't taste like alcohol.

After dinner we weren't quite ready to go home yet so we drove to the Golden Bee. It was so packed and the wait was long. We decided wed run by the liquor store and just grab something and head back to Amanda's. Well, we never made it back to Amandas house. I didn't anyway! Across the street from the liquor store was a hole in the wall Biker's bar. We decided to check it out and stay for one drink instead we stayed about three hours! I put a ten dollar bill in the juke box, didn't realize that we wouldn't be getting change and would have to choose over forty songs! The three of us each picked songs and stood at the bar drinking and dancing. I got drunk.

Those who know me know I am a light weight. I am very much a light weight. So imagine me drinking six Tequila Rose shots (in addition to the two drinks I had with dinner), a kamikaze shot, and a white Russian. In a manner of minutes I was drrruunnnkkk. It was really odd that I got hit on as much as I did. Mostly they were old, smelly men but there was a young Hispanic dude that wanted to give me dancing lessons. He was sort of creepy. I kept talking about my husband and he started talking about his deployed wife, meanwhile, he wanted me to go home with him… Ew. Ew. Ew. Funny story, so the guy came back over after I had shot him down. He asked me if he had any game would I have gone home with him, married or not. I of course said no, I am married, game or not I wouldn't have gone home with you. He asked me if he had game. SO I ask Amanda, does he have game? Well Amanda thought I said, "He is gay." So she high fived me and said, "yay! He is gay!" Not exactly sure why that was a good thing but the poor guy was mortified. It was pretty entertaining.

I realize that I am no longer in college and the fact that I almost never drink means that I should stick to my occasional glass of wine. I'm a bit too old to be getting drunk at a bar, although the memories we made and the fun we had will stick around with me for awhile.

Girls night out was amazing. Next time though, I'm the designated sober driver! I will gladly watch another friend get drunk and help her home because the next day I wont feel like this!

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