Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post 49- Intentions & Actions


Dear Journal,

I was driving home the other day and had made a list of things I had intended to do that day and I realized that intending to do them and doing them were two very different things. That rolled into a grouping of thoughts that led me to writing this.

Having the best of intentions… or with the best of intentions… how many times have you heard that phrase? Intentions without action are merely thoughts. While people may have the best of intentions or have had the intent to do x, y, or z, it means nothing without the follow through.

When Brian died I remember thinking how I intended to tell him this or that. I had intended on going to check on him before my fight with Mike. I had intended to not let him go home alone that night. But I never followed up on my actions and it was too late.

How many times do we intend to call a grandparent or loved one and we find out later we were too late? That unsent card, thank you note, the intended trip to visit family or friends that got put off. Life happens. But intentions without actions are just thoughts.

I have said it twice and I will say it once more; intentions without actions are just thoughts. People can't know you are thinking about them unless you tell them. I meant to send an encouraging note to my friend the other day, but forgot. I meant to tell you I love you, but I forgot. I meant to take the trash out on Friday, but forgot and now it's going to have to wait until next week. I intended to make that doctors appointment to get the sprain checked, never did, and now it's a break. I intended to unscrew the hose and now it has frozen and burst. Intend. I intended.

I intended on writing a novel.

I intended on loosing ten pounds.

I intended on calling my friend.

I intended on volunteering at the shelter.

I intended on donating blood.

I intended on saying I love you.

What are you intending to do this week, month, year that you could do today? What actions are you intending for the future and why are you waiting? You can't take intentions with you to the grave. However, your actions here on earth can be remembered for eternity.

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