Monday, February 14, 2011

Post 47- Someone you didn’t want to let go but just drifted

Dear Journal,

My husband asked me to continue with the forty days of truth challenge. I wasn't going to, God knows I didn't do it every day, but he requested it and Im having a hard time right now so Im going to go ahead and do it. The question I left off on was "Someone you didn't want to let go but just drifted." As a person who has drifted all over the country I would say there are multiple people who fit into this category. My first college roommate, Megan, was more of a sister than a roommate. We went through so much together and have so many memories. She is one of those people thought that if I don't see her for years I still can get together with her and its like yesterday. We lived together at her mom's house when I graduated early from high school and was in a very bad home situation, we got our first apartment together and had some AMAZING summer memories, we both were resident advisors in the same dorm, and you know, we almost never fought. The one time I really remember us fighting was because I didn't like her then boyfriend turned husband turned ex husband (sorry Meg, you totally know it's true! And I told you so!!) We dated friends at one point, they were these two country hicks that were amazing boyfriends lol. Anyway, we drifted.

Another was my battle buddy Mica. We went through so much together in and out of our uniforms. We went through boyfriends, college classes, drunken parties, family problems, working at the same jobs. We went through struggles and laughter, go times and bad. When I moved to DC we slowly drifted. We still talk and like Megan, when we do talk we just instantly reconnect and start off where we left off.

Both women are people who have drifted in and out of my life but both still mean the world to me.

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