Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post 10- 140 Readers?!

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Dear Journal,

Every ten posts I am going to post my blog reader numbers. I find it extremely interesting to see how many lurkers I have reading the blog. The breakdown thus far is 254 blog views. That is in three days. Crazy! I really didn't think anyone would read my blog, or maybe one or two people, but I wasn't figuring Id be over a hundred in a couple days, let alone two hundred views. It is a good thing but also makes me very insecure and a bit self conscience. The world wide web is such a busy crazy place. This journey is about finding myself. It is a very self centered process. If I can help someone else along the way though, I am all for that too. Or perhaps there are people reading it, rolling their eyes and laughing at me. Whatever. Someday I wont care what you think!

Of the 254 views, 140 of them are unique visitors. This means that there are 140 people who have viewed my blog! That is crazy. Every day the counter I use counts based on IP address (so I could have more than one person at a house I suppose) the number of times the IP address views my blog. It doesn't give me the IP address, just the number. It tells me the number of hits I have had on my blog daily, the number of hits that are coming from unique addresses and the number that are coming from returning addresses.

For instance, on Monday I had 89 page hits. 43 people viewed my page one and another 46 viewed my page more than once that day. The statistics counter I am using shows me the breakdown every day. I posted the bar graph to show you, so you don't think Im nuts. It gives me a full report. Because of the way it works I know that it is not one person viewing my page 100 times, or me when I am editing viewing it over and over, but actual "unique" visitors. Unique for the day. So if an IP address views my page once on Monday and once on Tuesday it will register as unique for that day. If it views my blog twice on Monday it shows up in another column.

No one else is probably interested in that, but I find it to be rather intriguing.

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