Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post 18- Something you love about yourself.

Dear Journal,

Here is the second post in the "30 Days of Truth" challenge.

Dear Rebekah,

You are an amazing wife. You take care of your husband before you take care of yourself. You meet all of his needs, many times you anticipate them before they are needs, and you fulfill his wants. You are loyal to him, and are the only person in his life that has never failed him. You love him with all of your heart and you put energy into keeping his home, his finances, and his life in order. You would lay your life down for him and he is happy to have you.

You are an amazing friend. You give all you can to your friends, and there is no limit to that giving. You will drop everything and drive across country in a winter storm for a friend, give them the shirt off your back, shave your head, or the last dollar to your name to help them out. You are there for them no matter what. You forgive over and over again and would do anything for a friend.

I love how you give yourself, your time, your energy, and your love to help those around you. You volunteer with a variety of organizations, you help your friends, you give all of yourself to include your heart, to everything you do.

Your eagerness and ability to forgive those who hurt you, even for the most horrendous acts, is admirable. You can take any situation and make it positive. You are incredibly creative and your writing ability surpasses many. Cooking a large, warm meal, brings a smile to those you are serving and the pleasure you get from bringing others pleasure shows. You are compassionate, passionate and friendly. Your social butterfly tendencies often causes people to feel relaxed around you and open up quickly.


Today's question was really hard for me. Way harder than finding something I hate. I had determined to write these blog posts without anything superficial. When I first read the question all I could think of was that I love my eyes. I think I have beautiful eyes. It was very very hard for me to come up with things I love about myself. So I spoke to my husband who told me that I am the best wife he could ask for. Thinking about that and some of the things I do for him, I realized, I do treat him very well. Many people accuse me of spoiling him. In addition, I was told by a couple people this week that I am an amazing friend. My friend Heather was in need and I decided to drop everything and travel across country in a snow storm with her, to make it safer. I didn't do it because I wanted applauded or wanted attention from anyone, and I wouldn't even write about it if it weren't relatable. In doing it, several people told me I am a better friend than them. I shaved my head for a friend with cancer a couple years ago. I don't do these things for attention. I do them because I love the person I am doing it for. In both cases, I didn't think it through. I didn't think about the pros or cons, I didn't think about how other people would react, I didn't give a damn. I thought about the person, what I would want done in that situation and just did it. Heather said she was going home, so literally while I was on one phone with her I dialed up the kennel with the other phone and made arrangements to go with her. In two hours I was packed, the dogs were at the kennel, and we were on the road.

What do I love about myself? I love that I live a life of service. That I can love completely my friends and my family and that I will do anything for them. I love being able to use the talents I have been gifted with, like cooking or writing, to service others and help them with things.

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