Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post 8- Do elephants eat pistachios?

Dear Journal,

My brain rambles sometimes. It is very amusing. My girlfriend, Christy, and her family were visiting during a recent PCS and she said, "I missed your quirkiness." It made me smile. I know I am unique and that is a good thing. It would be awfully boring to be the same as everyone else, wouldn't it?

True story. Yep. I say that phrase a lot when I have been drinking. I am sure anyone who has been around me when I am tipsy just saw that phrase written, and could hear in their head, me saying it. True story, there I was.

The other day Amanda and I were grocery shopping at Safeway. I stopped to look at the pistachios. Corky Bear loves pistachios. He recently told me that he really likes the salt and pepper flavored ones that I buy at Costco. I tend to only go to Costco twice a month though, so finding them more locally would be good. Anyway, I got distracted by a display of pistachios in the middle of the isle and Amanda didn't notice and kept walking. I called out to her and caught up.

"The pistachios called out to me." I told her, "We had a conversation but then I realized they just weren't right for me. Don't worry , I didn't hurt their feelings. They have hard shells." I really said that. Then I started laughing. I literally, cracked myself up. (No pun intended) I do that from time to time. I say things that I find to be hilarious, that no one else may, and I end up laughing. Sometimes I am the only one laughing, but laughter is good for the soul. So I do it. I then go on and tell her Im like a pistachio, with a hard protecting shell all the way around me.


Yes, random squirrel moments. Just like the movie. That is me, totally random.


I have a love for elephants. They are often overlooked at the zoo as everyone ooohh and ahhhhs over the lions, tigers and bears. But elephants, they are giants with strength and elegance. They are my favorite zoo animal. I want to see the elephants with the ears that come together to form a heart, and their long powerful trunks that are used to protect their young, wash each other, and gather food. I love them. I like the Giraffe's a lot too, but the elephants are my favorite.

We went to the zoo one weekend. My husband was deployed but I went with two couples that we are close with. Chrisy's family one of the couples. We get to the elephant enclosure and I say, "Wow. They are BEAUTIFUL." I don't think anyone understood my fascination for the elephants. Sometimes, I feel like an elephant. Completely misunderstood, lost in a world of beautiful, graceful animals, my strength underestimated. I don't mind if you call me an elephant. I will take it as a compliment.

So then a friend's husband tells me, "Rebekah pistachios are cracked." That's right. They aren't so big and tough with their hard outer shell protecting them. They are cracked and things can get inside.

I guess maybe Im a pistachio after all.

I just really hope that elephants don't eat pistachios. Because if they do I think Id be a walking contradiction, or Id be eating myself. Either way… food for thought.

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