Friday, January 21, 2011

Post 32-Roots

I was born a floating seed

I was born a child in need

I was born missing a mother's love

I was born white, a sinless dove

As I grew I realize I lacked roots

Roots and family

And no longer white, sin blemished me

My heart flutters, it bleeds

I don't have roots holding me down

I don't have roots showing me how

I don't have roots guiding my way

I don't have roots from yesterday

But I do have hope, I have hope in tomorrow.

I have faith in myself that overcomes sorrow

It is never too late, to plant a seed today

Never too late for roots to lay

Love, unconditional comes in many forms I realize

Love, starts from the inside

Roots grow underground

Invisible, strong and sound

Seeds can be planted anytime

And suddenly I cant wait to plant mine

I may not have childhood roots, and it sets me apart

I may not have roots, but I have heart.

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