Monday, January 31, 2011

Post 40- End of the Month Review & Changes

Dear Journal,

Holy Cow! Is January over already? I can't believe I have 40 posts this month! I did a good job keeping up blogging, they say a habit takes 21 days to form a habit, or at least so it is argued, I hope I have recreated the habit of journaling. I have decided that every month I will have a new background theme. I am also going to stop posting my viewer count every ten posts, really, who cares besides me? I have decided I would do an end of the month recap of what my posts were like this month, and maybe, if I feel like sharing, my reader count. I have been working out the kinks of blogger and have found myself really enjoying the ease and accessibility of being able to write my posts in Microsoft Word, hit "publish" and it does it automatically, keeping the format and content exactly the same as I see it on my screen. Really helps to not have to copy and paste and reformat.

Reader Count: This month was crazy! Somehow my blog got linked on another site and became extremely popular with views. In one day I jumped from 1500 to over 5,000! There is a stat counter imbedded as well as the one that comes with the blog and I was able to locate where the viewers were coming from. I'm not complaining, I was just shocked I really thought I had read it wrong. I did realize that most people will email a blogger before they will leave comments! Ive received HUNDREDS of emails at this month. I am really glad I have the settings set for approval of comments because there are a lot of spam bots out there trying to sell products as well. 

From Blogger Stats: Pageviews last month (January): 3,221

Content: I was off the map with content this month, as I am sure I will be every month. My husband got promoted to SSG this month! That was very exciting! I started the blog with an introduction and an explanation as to why I have given up Facebook. I spoke a little bit about a specific memory from my childhood that included childhood bullying because of being a foster child. I took a short break from blogging when I drove across country with my best friend for an impromptu road trip. I continued blogging and wrote a couple posts from the 30 Days of Truth Challenge. I am taking the challenge but not doing it daily. I touched on how my husband and I have a traditional gender role, 1950's marriage. I spoke about jealousy, challenges, and a fight that resulted in the end of a friendship. I spoke about the things that are happening in my everyday life, how I view things, my insecurities etc. I spoke about my best friend in college who killed himself. I blogged about forgiveness, forgiving yourself and forgiving others. I wrote two different posts about our fallen heroes and how I hope people are remembering the troops, like my husband, who are currently, have and will serve overseas fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have two separate posts on music, and will continue to add music throughout my blog as it has a big part in my life. I touched on a lot in January and I am sure I will touch on more in February.

Thank you for being loyal readers, for encouraging me, and for continuing to come back to this crazy hectic up and down roller coaster ride that is my life.

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