Friday, January 14, 2011

Post 20- Reader update

Blogger has a cool button called "stats" where you can read your statistics. You can also set it so that your stats don't count, as in, it's not going to add my views into my numbers. I also imbedded a stat counter. I check them both and it's fun to see the numbers. They have only ever been off by one or two views.

Like I said before, every 10 posts I will do a reader update. If you are reading my blog but don't feel like commenting, but have something to say, please shoot me an email to I really enjoy reading what my readers have to say.

By the numbers:

January 2011

Page views: 749

Unique Visitors: 474

First Time Visitors: 333

Returning Visitors: 141

Most popular post: Post 1: Introduction

Readers are logging in: America, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Italy and Germany

Internet Explorer makes up 46% of my views, Safari 34% and Google Chrome, Firefox and Mobile devices make up most of the remainder viewers.

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