Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post 28: Car Wash Comedy

Ok. So it is my life and it is funny. I think so anyway.

Yesterday was just one of "those" days. You know, when things keep going wrong but they are sort of comical when you look back at them? Because of something said to me yesterday, I have a feeling that there is a bunch of rumors speculating about my husband again and it pisses me off. We cant win. It has nothing at all to do with me either, Ive been very picky about who/what I talk about. I think that jealousy and petty competition is really immature and that some people need to shut their mouths, worry about themselves and their jobs/careers and talk trash talking others. People wait until he's in a location where he can't defend himself, or even know what is going on to start talking trash. That's nice. Don't go to the person you have problems with, or even be man enough to say anything at all to them, but trash their character as soon as they aren't there to debunk the rumors.

I spent the morning with the Amanda's. And we had so much fun. I made this AMAZING homemade ham and potato soup. By amazing, I mean amazing. It turned out soooo good. We danced around the kitchen with music blaring, and when I had to call Verizon (which I have to call AGAIN later today) because my phone wouldn't call out, we had such a good time talking with the rep. It was just fun.

Then I had to run to the post office and mail off a couple boxes to Corky Bear (one of civilian clothes for when he comes home on R&R which made me sooo super excited because that means R&R is coming up sooner than later!) On my way to the post office I decided to go through the car wash. It had snowed here recently and there was salt all over my car. I closed all the windows, pulled through, was talking to a friend on the phone and all of a sudden I felt a drip on my head. I looked up water and soap were flowing down on top of me! The roof had been "vented" but the actual material was closed so I couldn't see it.

I closed the roof as quickly as possible but not before soap was running down my face. I pulled out of the car wash; grab my gym clothes out of the back of the car and start mopping me and the car up. I started laughing hysterically. I couldn't help myself. Im standing there with car wash soap dripping down my face, wet hair plastered to my head, Corky's boxes drenched and I'm laughing like a loon. Seemed to me that God thought I was in need of a shower.

Side note: Corky always gets on me about calling him Corky Bear around the guys. I spoke with him today; briefly, his phone wouldn't stay connected, and he told me he accidentally called himself Cork Bear around some of the contractors he works with and now it has stuck. So even in Afghanistan my husband is SSG Corky Bear. Ha!

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