Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post 16- Congrats to my SSG!

Dear Journal,

When I married my husband he was still a private. Today, well technically yesterday our time, he was pinned SSG. It has been quite a journey through the years and I am so proud of him. For those in our inner circle who have been following, he was supposed to be promoted Oct 1. He didn't have an up to date pt card on file so it was delayed. He rocked his pt test, did way better than he has done in YEARS. He was making height/weight tape but he has lost so much weight in Afghanistan that he is on the charts now and doesn't have to be taped anymore. I am so proud of his progress.

It has been an interesting and amazing past few years. Corky Bear started out in the infantry and then reclassed over to EOD. He earned his Sr. EOD badge in October and now he earned his SSG (or E-6 for those of other ranks. I know in the Air Force SSG is E5) We started out living at Fort Belvoir. We have pcsed several times to include Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Washington State and now Colorado.

KC has been in the Army since summer of 2003 with a break in service in 2006.

We have made many friends over the years and have them spread across the world. We have learned, grown and matured. We have enjoyed the experiences and the life that the Army has offered. We are blessed to be able to pay our bills, have a roof over our head, food in our bellies, and the warmth of each other's love at night. We have, and are, experiencing deployments. KC is currently in Afghanistan. We know war is part of his job description, but even with knowing that we still make the decision, together, as a family, for him to reenlist. Serving his country is something that he loves more than just about anything out there, and he absolutely enjoys his job.

The only thing I am sad over is that he pinned his SGT in Iraq and his SSG in Afghanistan, so I have had the opportunity to pin him yet. In a couple years (or whenever) he picks up his SFC I hope he is not deployed and I can be around to pin him! He had a really awesome experience being pinned today and I was happy for him.

Congrats to my love, my heart, my best friend, SSG Corky Bear!

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