Monday, January 3, 2011

Post 3- Peeing out Butterflies

Dear Journal,

You don't realize how much you use something until you no longer access it. I made homemade zuppa from scratch tonight and I took pictures as I went along, had the urge to upload them them to facebook about ten times. It's funny how much I use facebook. From a friend asking me if I saw another friend's status and flipping my phone open to check it, to thinking up something clever update my status with. I told Amanda, not being on Facebook was going to mean I am going to have to challenge myself to use interpersonal skills.

It is not that I am antisocial as much as I really have issues letting my walls down. I've had way too many times where I have been hurt in my life so I keep my walls extremely high.

I am so tired so I am heading to bed early tonight. I am meeting a friend at the gym at eight a.m. tomorrow, looking forward to that. Working out really gives me a lot of energy for the day.

Apparently I fell asleep between writing that last sentence and now. So I am going to just pick up where I left off. As this is MY blog, I guess I am allowed.

I feel like a sloth. Did you know a sloth spends 80% of its life asleep? I went to bed at 6pm last night! Holy Zeow Batman! (A zeow is half cow/half zebra. There is an animal here at the local zoo that is half brown and half striped, upon not finding the sign to identify him, I decided he was a zeow. Bekahism101 at its finest.) I am recovering from bronchitis and although I am done with the antibiotic it took a real toll on my immune system this last week. In addition, with the holidays I found myself staying up way later than I normally do. I think my body just crashed out and needed some good sleep.

I woke up at five thirty this morning, to a dark, calm morning and a cuddly German Shepherd asleep on my leg. Gretel decided that my right leg was the perfect size and shape for her own personal body pillow. In fact, I imagine she was beating the lumps out with her paws because it sure felt like I had been beaten when I stretched this morning. Moving in my bed in the morning is the universal sign that it is time to get up. Don't you dare stretch, roll over, or squirm for you will get a large wet nose and a swipe of a tongue across your face followed by head nudges in your side. "Get up mom! Get up! We want to go outside now." It amazes me that every single day they are happy and excited to get up. It doesn't matter what time I get up or what mood I am in, my dogs, are always happy to be up and happy to see me.

It is even more amusing when my husband is home. The dogs are not allowed to sleep in bed with us when he is here. There just is not enough room for a Corky Bear and a Hansel and Gretel. They have their own beds at the side of ours. But, when we start to move they jump on the bed, inevitably jumping on one of us (normally me) in the process. Then it's a free for all of bear kisses and dog kisses. It is actually rather enjoyable for me, not always so much for the male bear who sometimes growls about it. Deep down though, Im pretty sure he loves it.

As I write this I have the radio on. They are talking about the worth of facebook. It is currently worth 50 billion dollars. The owner is in his twenties and facebook is the most visited website and accounts for over 9% of the worlds internet hits, more than even google. The facebook owner, Mark is in the top ten richest man in the world. I am not very technologically advanced and so I find this to be astonishing. I mean, you can't hold facebook, you can't wrap it to give as a gift to a friend, to me websites are floating around in the air and aren't tangible. I don't understand what makes them worth so much money. I mean, we don't pay to use facebook, so is it the advertising that makes it so valuable? Urgh. I will likely get a headache if I try to figure it out.

Yes, I ramble. My thoughts are just like I write them. They bounce from one item to the next, and sometimes back to that item.

Yesterday, a spider committed suicide in my bathroom. I am pretty sure he didn't mean to commit suicide, I think it was an accidental homicide. I figure he was trying to climb up the side of the toilet and just sort of fell in and drowned. I feel bad for his widow, I think she is black. Anyway, I didn't see the spider until after I had done my business. I then of course have to share with Amanda that either I peed out a spider or he committed suicide. She laughs and then tells me a story about a friend of hers daughter.

The little girl is using the bathroom and is so excited! She comes out of the bathroom and informs Amanda that she peed out a butterfly! Upon inspection, Amanda realizes there is a dead moth in the toilet. She doesn't want to disappoint the girl so she keeps this information to herself. The little girl spends the next month searching in the toilet for a butterfly, she is disappointed that she never peed one out again.

Apparently, peeing out butterflies is a once in a lifetime experience. But oh, what an experience that had to have been for that little girl.

Sometimes we need to see life through the clouded, beautiful, pink tinted vision of little girls.

Start with getting your toes painted hot pink with sparkles. It helps me anyway.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog today. I love the way you write.

  2. I wish i could be that little girl searching for the butterfly. That's why i'm glad i have friends like you. Whenever we're together i know that i can act like that child and you're right there with me. You're the best!