Friday, January 14, 2011

Post 21- Deployment Disconsolate

I miss my husband.

  • I miss his hands. The way they hold me.
  • I miss his humor.
  • I miss his noise. It is too quite here without him.
  • I miss his kisses.
  • I miss his scent.
  • I miss his mess.
  • I miss his smile.
  • I miss his snoring.
  • I miss his laugh.
  • I miss doing things together.
  • I miss sleeping in the same bed and him stealing the covers.
  • I miss him raising his eyebrows at the goofy things I do.
  • I miss hanging out on a Saturday morning and doing nothing together.
  • I miss discussing current events with him.
  • I miss snuggling in close to his shoulders.
  • I miss making him dinner.
  • I miss his singing to me.
  • I miss the random people he brings home for dinner
  • I miss us walking the dogs together
  • I miss him wrestling on the floor with the pups
  • I miss us wrestling together
  • I miss shopping together
  • I miss cooking his favorite meals
He told me I was being too romantic and mushy so I thought I'd write about some things I miss that aren't so lovey dovey.

  • I miss him picking up the dog poop.
  • I miss him taking out the trash.
  • I miss him talking smack about my hockey team.
  • I miss him driving everywhere.
  • I miss standing in Game Stop for an hour as he oohs and aahs over the new games.
  • I miss his snoring. Yes it can be on both lists.
  • I miss his dirty, smelly boots by the door.
  • I miss the alarm going off at 430 am for pt.
  • I miss growling when weve ran out of something that hes placed back without telling me.
  • I miss getting in the car and seeing it on empty.
  • I miss him carrying in the groceries, as I put them away.
  • I miss dirty socks in the middle of the floor
  • I miss hair in the sink from his razor
  • I miss the sound of his xbox coming from downstairs

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